Sunday, December 30, 2012

Free January 2013 Calendar and Desktop

I hope everyone had a great Christmas! We're down to having just one day left in 2012. Can you believe it?! What? You can't believe it? Well, here's proof. January's calendar is ready to put on your iWhatever, other device, or desktop. Or you can even print it, like my grandmother does, to hang on your refrigerator. 
Enough chit-chat! Here you go....

I really liked having the desktop version for December on my computer, so I made a new one for January. I apologize in advance if you have to move all your desktop icons to the other side of the screen. The little snowman just didn't look right gazing off the edge of the page when I put him on the left side. I think most people probably have their icons on the left side of the monitor anyway. For some reason I like mine on the right side. Maybe because I'm right-brained? 

I made both of these with Coolibah on my iPad. If you would like to make your own, feel free to use the January calendar below. You can find help for making your own here, or get instructions for saving one of my calendars to your device in this post.

I made the calendar, too, with a program called Micrografix. I know--you've never heard of it. But I love it. Mostly because I'm familiar with it and know my way around. I'm perfectly capable of learning new things, but why fill my head with multiple programs that do the same thing? Isn't that redundant? Repetetive? Doing the same thing over and over? (Hee hee! One of my favorite lines from "Cheers!") 
Besides, I need all the space I can get up there for my new job. Yes, I got an honest-to-goodness J-O-B! On December 4 I started working at a locally owned bank, opening new accounts and trying to help with whatever comes in the door. I think the left side of my brain effectively shut down the right side for a few days at first.  I know that sounds crazy, but after four days of dealing with numbers, I couldn't solve a single puzzle on Wheel of Fortune, and I usually beat everyone on the show! Fortunately everything seems to be working normally again.

Thanks for stopping by!
Have a Safe and Happy New Year, and I'll see you in 2013! 

Sunday, December 16, 2012

I'm Kind of Obsessed With This Ribbon!

Yes, I am aware that this ^ is not a photograph of ribbons. The ribbons to which I refer in the title of tonight's post are the same ribbons that inspired the brightly colored version of my December calendar and desktop. Mom and I saw them at Michael's a few weeks ago and I couldn't leave until I had a cart-full! Here's a peek:

The colors and designs are just so fun and cheerful, how could I resist?! Don't be surprised if they show up in at least one more post!

Ok. Back to the card....

Each year at "Stamp Club" we have a Christmas card swap. It's really fun to see what everyone comes up with. It's also nice to know that each recipient appreciates the effort that goes into every card.

You know where I got my color scheme. The design came from a card Andy's Aunt Sharon sent us. (Thanks for the inspiration, Sharon!) She used stockings instead of ornaments and her card stands vertically, but other than that I flat out stole scraplifted it!

To make my card I used the following: 

green glitter cardstock (Recollections Leaf from Michael's)
bright green cardstock (I used Paper Accents Sour Apple but SU! Wild Wasabi would work)
dark pink cardstock (SU! Rose Red)
bright blue cardstock (SU! Pacific Point)
white cardstock
white pigment ink
holographic embossing powder
SU! Ornament Keepsakes stamp set
SU! Holiday Ornaments Framelits dies
blue glitter embossing powder
"Happy Holidays" stamp
brick embossing folder

When I make several cards of the same design, I use a bit of an assembly line. 

First I stamped and embossed all the ornaments I would need, then I ran them through the Cuttlebug with the matching dies to cut them out.

Next I ran the white background pieces -- 5.25 x 4 inches --through the Cuttlebug with the brick embossing folder. I left about an inch of the paper out of the folder so I could stamp "Happy Holidays" across the top and emboss it with the blue glitter embossing powder.

I cut strips of the green glitter paper half an inch wide and 5.25 inches long.

 I cut, scored, and folded the cardstock for the base of each card. I made some from the blue cardstock, some from the green, and some from the pink.

Almost there.... 
I adhered the white brick background to the base, layered the strip of glitter paper across the top row of  brick, and placed the ornaments on the brick. 

There are a lot of steps, but each one is pretty easy. 

Now I need to get busy on the rest of our Christmas cards! These have WAAAAY too many steps and pieces to make forty of them! I'm still using the ornament stamps and dies, and there is an embossing folder, but the design is much simpler. I'll share that one with you once they're all in the mail!

Do you have your Christmas/holiday cards finished? NO? Then why are you sitting there reading about mine?! Get to work!

Thanks for stopping by! See you next time!

Sunday, December 9, 2012

The Grand Tour

Whew! After several weeks of moving and reorganizing, my new room is finally (insert loud screeching sound here)!


One week later....

OK! Let's try this again! My new room is finally ready for me to use! WooHoo!
I thought it was ready about a week ago, but there was a glitch with the computer. We had to move the biggest piece in the room away from the wall so Andy could redo the wiring. Ugh! 
But now we're up and running and I'm ready to make something! I have several pictures to share, so here we go!

This is what you see when you step into my room. Do you Stampin' Up folks notice that color on the top of the walls looks a lot like Baja Breeze? The bottom of the walls was already black, and I just really didn't feel like painting that much, so the black stayed! The wall to the left faces north and has a window. The wall to the right faces east and lets in great light. The desk in the corner holds the computer, scanner, and printer. To the right of the sewing machine is a tall narrow chest of drawers that holds fabric. Several jars of buttons and sewing notions sit on top. The old library table in the center of the room makes a great work surface since we had a new piece of glass cut for it. The original piece of glass met an untimely demise when it found itself at the wrong end of a shotgun in Andy's childhood home. That's all I have to say about that. 
Moving on....

This little storage cart fits between the chest of drawers and the cabinet perfectly and can be rolled out of the way if I need to reach deep into the corner of the cabinet. Before the move I had border punches on a shallow wall shelf, but I added the top two boxes so now all my punches fit here. Each box has Sharpie drawings on the front to show what kinds of punches are inside. Nothing fancy or elaborate--just practical.

This cabinet is eight feet long, twenty-one inches deep, and thirty-six inches tall. It was headed for the trash when I found it at our old high school. It's had three different homes in the last five years. Do you know how difficult it is to move an eight foot long cabinet?! Of course this is the piece we had to move when the internet went out! It's staying put for a while. Andy raised it about 6 inches so my work surfaces would have different heights and maybe my neck and shoulders wouldn't get so stiff from always looking down at the same angle. Isn't he awesome?! Just wait--you still haven't seen the closet!

An old Coke crate is the perfect size to hold Starbucks bottles. I really need to clean out some of my embellishments. Am I ever going to use thirty spice bottles full of brads and eyelets?!

Inside the cabinet is still a little messy, but the top is ready and waiting! We've worked our way around to the door (on the far right of the photo ^), so we're almost done.

Here, behind the door, is my curtain rod full of ribbon. 
I bought cheap shower curtain rings, added badge clips, 
and clipped the ribbon on by color. I think that's the 
best cheap storage I've come up with so far. 
Here's a close-up:

The shelves to the right of the ribbon hold my stamps, 
and to the right of those shelves are some shallow 
shelves that hold ink pads, re-inkers, and embossing 
powders. The small table below is actually a sewing 
table. Andy added an outlet to this wall, so it's a good 
place for the heat gun.

To the right of the "stamping station" is the closet. When you open the doors, sometimes you can actually hear a choir of angels singing! lol

It's so well lit that in person, it looks like a store display! The switch is wired in like a refrigerator switch. The closet in our bedroom is wired that way, too, and we've always said that if we ever build again we will put those switches in all the closets. (I really think Andy just did that so that I will keep the closet picked up. If I let stuff pile up in the floor, I won't be able to close the doors and the lights would always be on! He knows me so well!)

Last stop on the tour, around the corner from the closet, is what I have dubbed the work table. Andy built this for me several years ago when I was crammed into a 30 by 40 inch alcove in the corner of our bedroom. There's a pull-out under the table top, mounted on drawer guides, kind of like a giant keyboard tray. I can have things laid out on the pull-out but still have room to work on top. Nifty, right?!

The shelves to the left hold envelopes, card samples, and lots of tools and dies. I plan to leave the BigShot out because I use it quite a bit. The Silhouette has a nice home there, too, with the computer just to the right of  the shelves that hold paint, glue, and brushes.

So there it is! Now maybe I can get back to making! I HAVE to get my Christmas cards started!
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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Free December Calendars (Yes, Multiple) and Desktop Backgrounds

I hope everyone had a safe and wonderful Thanksgiving. Most of our family had dinner at my cousin's house that day. She and her husband did a lovely job of hosting and even volunteered to have Christmas at their house!

 It's a new month, so I have a new calendar for you, but you have a choice to make! I made TWO calendars for December--one bright and fun, the other more traditional with reds, greens, and golds. Of course, you can always refuse to choose and just download both versions! I always use the calendars I post as the lockscreen on my iPad and the interior screen on my phone, so this time I'll have a different calendar for each device.

My mom and I went shopping Monday and found some beautiful ribbons at Michael's. Both of us bought far more than we will (ever) use, but we justified that by telling each other that we could sell the remnants in our flea market booth. Some of the ribbon I bought was so bright and fun that I decided to make the calendar using the same colors. It would make a good January calendar, too, and I thought about saving it for next month, but I've never offered a choice before and wanted to see what would happen if I did. is the first calendar....

And these are the ribbons that inspired it....

Don't they just make you smile? I think these will look great on the silver foil paper I will use to wrap my gifts! I also picked up some jingle bells and glittery plastic poinsettias in the same colors. I can't wait to wrap everything!

When I finished the first calendar, I could hear my mom saying, "That doesn't look very Christmas-y," (Sorry, Mom!) and I had to agree, so I made another. Easy fix.

Both pages were made on my iPad with Coolibah, my favorite and most-used app! Each little sparkly gem on that tree was lovingly placed there for you by my caring fingers. If you need help getting the calendar to your iWhatever or phone, click here for instructions. This post from last January tells how you can make your own calendar using Coolibah. You can use this blank December calendar if you want to try it.

Andy thought I had lost it because I spent so much time on these, but I have a plan. I am going to use one or both of these as a scrapbook page! I realized recently that most of the calendars I've posted could be used that way. If you are a digi-scrapper, just use the page as your background and layer your picture over the actual calendar. If you are a paper scrapper, print the calendar (I'd probably use cardstock or a matte photo paper) then print your photo to fit right over the days and dates. 

If I can manage to corral both boys at any point during the next few weeks, I'll try it and show you how it turns out. 

I'm trying something else new this month. I would like to use the calendars I make as the desktop on my computer, but there's so much going on that it's hard to distinguish the icons. Soooo.... 

 I simply left the basic design and shrunk down the days and dates, leaving lots of free space for the icons. I was going to save this idea for January, but I'm really not very good at waiting.

There you have it! Now no one has an excuse for not knowing what day it is!

I'd love to hear from you! Let me know which calendar you like, or if the desktop idea worked for you. If you are able to use any of my calendars as a scrapbook page I'd love to see them or any calendars you create with Coolibah! Please send pics!

Thanks for stopping by! See you next time!

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Just a Peek at My New Room

Did you notice that I haven't been around for a while? The past couple of weeks have kept me hopping! I was in charge of the projects for last Friday's "Stamp Club." The next day I had a table at a local holiday show, so I had to make sure I had lots of Christmas cards and mini albums. Then on Sunday, Andy suggested that we move my scraproom--aka craproom! 

 When Cole graduated from high school in 2007, Michael moved into Cole's room and I moved from a tiny little corner alcove in my bedroom into Michael's room. Michael graduated in 2011 and ever since he moved out last January, I have been trying to decide if the extra space I would gain would be worth moving ALL THAT STUFF. 

 Oh, boy, is it ever! 

We started working Sunday morning, clearing everything out of the bigger room and piling it into the dining room, sitting room, and living room. We even had an antique rocking chair in our kitchen for several days! I moved, sorted, and rearranged all week while Andy was at work. We're still not quite finished, but we are getting very close! 

 I thought I had more pics of my old room, but I haven't been able to find them, so we'll have to make do with just one. This is what my work surface looked like on the rare occasion when it was clean: 

 It's an antique library table set at a right angle to an eight foot long cabinet, both topped with glass shelving that was headed for the dumpster at Andy's office (so it didn't cover the whole surface). On the other side of the room I had an actual sewing table for my sewing machine, a table Andy built for me several years ago that held the computer, and a small desk sat in the middle of the room like an island. I had lots of shelving to hold embellishments, stamps, and other supplies. 

 This is what you see when you walk into my new room: 

 The big computer desk in the corner is new to my room, but not new to us. We used to have it in our bedroom, but we don't have a computer up there anymore, so it needed a new purpose. I love the way it anchors that corner! To the right is the desk that served as an island in the old room. It's a sewing table again, as it has been several times in its life. There was just enough room on the wall between the computer desk and the sewing table to hang a couple of spool holders for my thread. Next to the sewing table is a tall narrow chest of drawers that I painted for my grandparents a few years back. They recently downsized, so the chest came to stay with me. It's perfect for holding all my fabric and sewing supplies. At the very edge of the picture is a plastic storage cart that holds all my punches. Well, almost all. The big cabinet is around the corner. You'll see it next time. The table in the foreground is the library table that was against the wall in the smaller room. I did a little work on the finish (just on the top) and had a piece of glass cut for it so it fits properly. It looks awesome! It might even be pretty enough to motivate me to keep it clean! You can't tell from this angle, but there is still a lot of open floor space. I could pretty much waltz all the way around the library table!

 That's all I have for you right now. I'll post more pics as I get the rest of the room situated. I can't wait to show you the closet--Andy wired a switch into the doorframe so the light comes on when the doors are open and goes off when the doors are closed! It's sooooo cool! 

 Thanks for stopping by! See you next time!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Free November 2012 Calendar

It's time for a new calendar for your iWhatever! Where did October go?! 
If you need a walk-through to save this to your iPod, iPad, iPhone, or other device, you can find instructions HERE.

Or, if you're not real excited about my design, follow this link to learn how to design your own calendar using Coolibah. Feel free to use this November calendar as part of your design: 

I thought the old skeleton keys and charms, along with the flowers and jewels felt very romantic and called for a "romantic" font, so I used Jane Austen. As soon as it starts to cool off I'm ready to curl up and re-read a few of her books, which never lose their charm, or watch "Pride and Prejudice." (My favorite version stars Keira Knightley and Matthew Mcafadyen.) I understand that Miss Austen once said that her main character would always find her true love. Who can resist a good love story with a happy ending? 

If you've never read any Jane Austen, you should know that it takes a bit to get used to reading the English language of the 1790's. After reading a book or two, you just might catch yourself speaking in a very different way. While I have thought  in Jane Austin-isms, I believe I've always caught myself before saying anything out loud, but a friend of mine said her husband has looked sideways at her and said, "You're reading Jane Austen again, aren't you?" after she used some archaic phrase or arranged her words peculiarly. I can almost feel myself slipping into that rhythm now....

Are you a Jane Austen fan? What's your favorite? 

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Saturday, October 27, 2012


They say everyone marches to the beat of their own drum. If that is indeed the case, ^this is my kind of drum! It's a drum, it's a lamp, it's a coffee table! It can't decide on just one thing to be, so it's all three. Sounds like a perfect metaphor for my personality. lol 
We had this old bass drum for the kids to play with when I taught preschool at Honeytree. When we decided it was time to close our doors, of course the drum had to come home with me. I knew that someday I would be inspired to do something really cool with it. So for almost five years, it has collected dust and spiders in my garage. When I pulled it out, it looked like this:

I don't know when or where it lost its other head, but I only needed one to make our table. I cut a circle from a piece of plywood and secured it inside the top edge with a few screws.

I used some scrap 2x2's to mount four wood fence post toppers inside the bottom. I'm skipping over that part because it was kind of complicated and I don't have pics to help with the explanation. If you reeeeally want to know how I did it, leave a comment asking about it and I'll get back to you. I attached a light socket to the 2x2's and painted everything black. Once the paint dried I put the head back on and plugged it in. 

In Aurora, band doesn't begin until sixth grade, but my son Michael has been a percussionist at heart since he started going to early morning practice and spending time around marching band kids with me when he was three years old. He now shares a townhouse with two classmates who were in the drumline with him. I couldn't have asked for a more perfect home for this!  

I have a whole TOWER of drums in my garage now,
just waiting to be made into something cool. I see 
another coffee table, an end table, and maybe even 
a couple of hanging lights! Of course I'll let you know 
how they turn out.

One more band-related item....
It's time for the Aurora Bands' annual Halloween Carnival and Chili Supper. The bands have hosted these festivities since the 1920's! Mom and I have cooked the chili and some scrumptious beef barley soup for the past 7 or 8 years, but this year I passed the ladle on to those who still have children in band. Since I didn't have to do all that shopping, chopping, and stirring, I painted a sign! One of the boys brought me a four foot by eight foot sheet of plywood. That's a BIG sign!

Now I'm ready for my chili!

Thanks for stopping by! See you next time....

Thursday, October 18, 2012

I Actually Have a Written Recipe!

Today is my grandmother's birthday! I knew exactly what to do for her. She and Grandpa love the glazed pecans I make each fall, so I prettied up an empty Starbuck's bottle, filled it up, and delivered it this afternoon. Of course, I didn't want to cause problems -- those two are very protective of their sweets -- so I gave Grandpa his own bottle! (But his isn't as pretty!)

I'll start with the recipe first, so you'll have something yummy to snack on while you "cutify" your bottles. I don't normally use recipes. I throw in a little bit of this and a little bit of that, and most of the time it's edible. But I did start with a recipe for the glazed pecans. Of course I tweaked it a little (I tweak just about everything I touch!) and this is what I ended up with....  

How cool is THAT ^ ?! That is a photo of the pecans I glazed, and my handwriting in a computer font!
This recipe is SO easy! It's good with almonds and walnuts, too, but pecans are my favorite. The original recipe calls for only three cups of pecans, but there is plenty of sugar on them even if I use more than four cups. 


Now on to the cute packaging.... 

I started with a strip of white cardstock 5.5 inches wide and punched one edge using the EK Flower Burst Large Edger

Then I flipped over the strip and punched the other edge, creating three full flowers and part of a fourth.

Next I inked the edges a bit and ran the strip thru my Xyron to thoroughly cover the back with adhesive.

I ran a kraft paper scallop circle and a single punched flower through, also. The flowers on the strip didn't match up when I wrapped them around the bottle, so I came up with a plan. (AKA embellishment!)

I adhered the stip of flowers to the bottle. Since there were only three, the ends didn't meet. That's what the circle and the extra flower are for!

I layered first the scalloped circle, then the flower over the gap, covering the ends of the flower strip, and topped it all off with a bit of twine and a big blue button in the center of the flower. The fact that the twine will help hold down any edges that might pop loose is a bonus.

Here is another look at the finished bottle: 

The "Happy Birthday" is from Perfectly Penned by Stampin' Up! and I used the Apothecary Accents Framelits to cut the tag. (I trimmed off one end.) I also punched a scalloped circle from white cardstock and ran it through the Cuttlebug in a swirly embossing folder before adhering it to the lid. 

So...what does Grandpa's bottle look like? I camouflaged it so he could hide it from Grandma!

However, you'll be glad to know, they were sharing very nicely when I left!
Happy Birthday, Grandma!

As for the rest of you, thanks for stopping by! Tomorrow is my last day of early morning band and Saturday is the last competition of the season, so I hope to be around a little more frequently again! See you next week!

Monday, October 15, 2012

Introducing the New Baby!

I admit it. I am neglectful. It has been over two weeks since my last post. I'm sorry my dear little blog. I've been so busy trying to take care of your new sibling that I haven't spent the time with you that you truly deserve. 

Don't worry folks! I'm almost 48 years old with two boys, 23 and 20, and there are no living breathing siblings on the horizon. However, I DO have a "new baby" here in www land. I opened an Etsy shop! 
I know.... One would think that working with the marching band, serving on the school board, keeping up with the booth at Uncle Doc's, and tending to this blog, along with all the extra odds and ends I find myself doing would be enough. *big eye roll* I have known for a while that an Ebay or Etsy store would be the best way for me to sell some of the things I love to make, but I just never took the leap. 

A couple of weeks ago I sent a Manilla Envelope Mini Album and a Wedding Mini Album to my sister in law, Amy, who lives in Los Angeles. She called to tell me that several people saw the albums and wanted to know how they could order from me! Eeek! So I hurriedly studied the pros and cons of Ebay and Etsy and decided that Etsy sounded like a better fit for me. Now, not only can I take orders, I can take payment with a credit card! (Insert "oohs" and "aahs" here!) 

There's a lot to absorb and it's a bit overwhelming, but I am officially an online seller! As of this moment, I only have two items in my store, but I have pictures ready to post for several others. I will have mini albums, wedding invitations, hand-crafted cards and stationery, and maybe eventually some pre-made scrapbook pages. If you would like to pop over and check it out, my address is I still need to set up some areas of my shop, like the "policies" and "about" pages, but I figure that can wait until marching season ends next Saturday.

I tried something else new last night. I joined a Linky Party! Sounds fun, right? I've seen them before and never played along, but this one was on a blog that I really like called Heartwarming Vintage. I posted a picture of a card I made using some of their stamps. Now when someone looks at my card they will be directed to my blog. I'm linked to that blog. Clever, huh?

Ok. Time for me to get back to other things. I'm going to put some more items in my shop and make something cool to share with you. Hopefully I'll be back VERY soon! 

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Free October Calendar for Your iWhatever or Other Device

Happy October!
I had a whole little story about how Kelly Rippa almost used MY word, "iWhatever," the other day, but I decided to do a little research first and found that I am not the coiner-of-that-phrase. Nope. I'm at least five years late. Now I'm really bummed. 
Oh, well.... I can say that I appear to be the only maker of " iWhatever calendars" on the internet! I'm the only one that calls them that, at the very least, because this site is the only thing that came up when I Googled it!  
Here is your new calendar for October. It doesn't have nearly as many layers of embellishments as most of my others have had, but I didn't want to make it all foo-fooey. I wanted it to have a Halloween-ish feel to it. I made it on Coolibah, my favorite iWhatever app known to humanity, but I just couldn't get it to look right. I decided that the colors weren't working, so I used a photo editing app called Snapseed to change it to black and white. Perfect! It's a little shorter from side to side than the others have been, so don't panic if it doesn't fit the screen the same way. You can adjust the size when you save it to your lockscreen.

For those of you who have never done this before, you can put this calendar on your phone, iPod, iPad, or even your laptop or desktop computer by following the directions you will find here

If you would like to make your own calendar using Coolibah, I give directions in this post. Feel free to use either of these calendars. Just save them to your Photo Album and use them like any other picture. 

I hope one of these tickles your fancy!
The band has marched in two competitions so far. We drove about 3 hours Saturday to compete at Sullivan, which is near St. Louis. The color guard (the girls I work with who spin the flags and rifles) didn't score very well last weekend in Webb City, but I am VERY happy to say they won Outstanding Color Guard in Sullivan. The Houn Dawgs also won Outstanding Percussion and First Place in our class. Only one band outscored us all day, and it was in the bigger class. Two down, three to go! (That means only fifteen more days of waking up before dawn! Woohoo!)
Thanks for stopping by! See you next time!  

Monday, September 24, 2012

Manilla Envelope Mini Album

Today I have another mini album to share with you.... 

I made it to hold before and after photos of a renovation and I used some materials and techniques that I haven't used before. I started with six 6x9 inch manilla envelopes. 

One envelope is full size. It will be the back cover and the flap will wrap around and fold over the front. (pictured on the right) I cut off the flap and removed the clasp from three envelopes. (bottom left) Those will be pages that have a pocket at the center of the book. The last two envelopes are cut down to 6.5 inches long. (top left) Use any combination you like. I would have made all my pages have the little pockets, but I had already cut two envelopes down to 6.5 inches and didn't want them to go to waste! The open end of the envelope serves as a pocket already, so the little pocket is just a bonus. 

The base for my tags or inserts is a Diet Coke carton. I cut pieces to the size I wanted and ran them through the Cuttlebug in embossing folders. Two have woodgrain, one is a checkerboard, and one looks like cracked glass. Then I dry brushed some black acrylic paint on the solid brown side to help bring out the embossing (ink would work, too) and I painted around the edges of the backside to cover the logos.

 I cut a few mats from kraft paper and a few more from some yellow paper that is almost the same color as the envelopes. I also added some dictionary pages just for fun. Here's what I did to them....

I tore a page out of an old dictionary that I bought just for this kind of thing. Then I picked out a couple of colors of acrylic paint that I thought would look nice in this book--a dark blue and sandstone. I think the tool that I show in the pictures is a thing that's used to spread frosting. Henceforth it shall be called the "scraper." I saw this done with a credit card, but this scraper was handy, so.... I ran a line of the sandstone paint along the edge of the scraper and added a couple dots of the blue. Then I pressed the edge of the scraper to the edge of a page and pulled it across, leaving streaks of paint behind. 

Each page came out different. This is a whole lot more enjoyable than the other kind of scraping paint! It was so much fun that I even tore out another page for the back cover and the flap. This is how the mats turned out:
And this is how they look when adhered to the tags:

Here you can see the back cover and the front flap. Next time I scrape paint this way I want to stamp an image on top of the paint and see where that goes!

I cut and embossed the frame and attached a piece of twine
under it. The twine wraps around a ginormous eyelet on
the flap to hold it closed.

I left a half inch for the binding when I cut the envelopes to 6.5 inches. So I covered all the envelopes with 6x6 inch squares of patterned paper, leaving that extra half inch uncovered. Then I used my Cinch to punch holes for the binding wires in the bottom edge of the envelopes.  

 I'll probably include some kraft paper
mats when I send this off. Some of  the background paper is pretty busy.

Pretty long post, right? I glad you stayed with me! If I have another post like this one I'll try to split it up into a couple of installments. I feel a little loopy tonight, so I hope it wasn't too hard to follow. The band had its first competition Saturday and I'm still trying to catch up. Those things are EXHAUSTING!
Go dig out something you haven't used for a long time and see what you can do with it. My "something" was acrylic paint. I use it quite often, but never for cards or scrapbooks. I think it worked perfectly for this book!
Thanks for stopping by! See you next time!