Friday, March 30, 2012

April Calendar

My son Cole will celebrate his twenty-third birthday at the end of April, so I decided I should make my April calendar more masculine in his honor. When he lived at home, his bedroom was painted with black and white stripes, so I went with a black and white stripe for my background. I used a more vertical calendar this time instead of going horizontal. I prefer it this way, but there doesn't seem to be many free downloadable calendars set up this way. Maybe for May's calendar, I'll post a finished "pretty calendar" as well as plain May calendars set up in landscape and portrait. Then anyone who wants to make their own can get either one right here!

I like to set my calendar on my iPod as wallpaper. I think I explained this before, but I'll add pics this time. 

 Use your iPod to come to Personally Created and tap on the calendar. The picture will open on top of the page. 

 Now touch your finger to the middle of the picture and hold it there for a couple seconds until this box pops up. Tap on 'Save Image.' This sends the picture to your photo album.

Now leave the website and go to your Photo Album. (It's the app on your homescreen with the sunflower) When you tap on the picture of the calendar you will see a tool bar across the bottom of the screen. Tap on the envelope on the left.

 Tap 'Use as Wallpaper' and the calendar will be the first thing that pops up when you hit the button on your iPod. You can also email it to yourself to use on other devices.

The wallpaper screen (or lock screen) looks like this. It stays up for several seconds or until you unlock the iPod. I like having quick access to a calendar, and one touch is pretty quick!  

I would love to see how some of you have personalized your phones, iPods, or tablets! 

Thanks for stopping by! See you next week!

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