Monday, March 31, 2014

Free April Desktop and iWhatever Calendar


*April 10--Here is the link to the Linky Party I talk about a few lines down.*

No, this is not an April Fools' joke. It really is free! The one above is great for the lock screen on your phone or iWhatever. 
And if it is too busy for your computer desktop, I also have a version that leaves space around the edges for your desktop icons:

The strings of jewels make me think of April showers, and I just love the vintage style illustrations from Crafty Secrets.  The adorable little Easter chick is from this Spring Printable and the flowers are from this Flowers Printable
This calendar is going to the Crafty Secrets Linky Party at the Heartwarming Vintage Blog next week. I'll come back and add a link as soon as the ladies there get it set up.

If you need a little reminder to save the calendar to your device, follow this link. And if you'd like to make your own calendar, feel free to use my days and dates:

Andy and I have spent a lot of time away from home in the last few months (Thank goodness! It was really cold here!) but I think we are here to stay for a while now. I have tons of projects to get caught up and some weddings to prepare for, so I kind of need to stay around for a while!
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Sunday, March 9, 2014

Tiny Houses

My friend Jackie at Smooth Pebble Studio was feeling a bit hemmed in by winter recently and decided to host a party. And by party I mean a swap. Since the only swaps I've ever participated in are those that we have for Christmas cards and Valentines at our monthly Stampin' Up! gatherings, I decided it was about time I give it a go. So along with several other crafters, I accepted Jackie's challenge and started thinking about Tiny Houses. Jackie gathered everyone's contact information and assigned partners. I don't know who is sending Tiny Houses to me, but I sent mine to Emily at Mousy Brown's House. And what, pray tell, did I send? I am so glad you asked! 

This mini album is six inches wide and about eight inches tall. I chose this paper for the front and back cover because it gives a bit of an English cottage feel. Emily lives "across the pond" and has taken some beautiful photos of flowers, so that just felt right. Inside the covers are four pages, each a house with a different roofline. Here are a couple:

These tags and journaling cards slip into the side of each of the houses. 

And here is the back cover....


I hope Emily will be able to find a good use for it. I have enough of these papers to make a similar mini album to put in my Etsy shop (when I finally get it back up and running!) so I've added it to my to do list.

It's time for another Linky Party at Heartwarming Vintage and I'm heading there right now to add a couple of my pieces.

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