Sunday, March 31, 2013

Free April 2013 Calendar and Desktop

New month, new calendar! If you need help loading this to your iWhatever or other device, click on this link for instructions. 
I made a desktop version again, for those of you who want prettiness on your computer screen as well as your phone or tablet. The calendar is much smaller and in the center of the screen, leaving room for all the icons on my your desktop. 

And of course, if you would rather, you can always click here for a quick lesson on using Coolibah to make your own version. Feel free to use the days and dates I put together for mine. This month I used a font called Witched. Looks just like Elizabeth Montgomery's broom-writing, doesn't it?

I hope everyone had a great Easter! Have a wonderful week as well.
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Friday, March 22, 2013

Thinking of You...and All of Your Still-In-The-Package Goodies! (AKA New Supplies Challenge, Part 2)

Oh! Hi! Did I forget to tell you all that I'd be taking a three week hiatus? Hmmm.... Well, I've been very busy (I think I mentioned that in a previous post!), but I believe I'll have time for a couple of posts before everything gets nuts again!

I spent a few hours earlier this week just surfing around the internet, bouncing from blog to blog looking for inspiration. That usually starts with my seeing something that triggers an idea. Then a whole free association type process follows, and by the time I get finished there's no resemblance to what started it in the first place.
Whatever I saw the other night made me want to play with embossing folders, foil tape, and alcohol inks. Sounds messy, right? heehee.... Fortunately, I had some embossing folders in my New Supplies Challenge! So I got out a few things to play with:

That's a roll of foil tape up in the top left corner. I think most of the time it's used for duct work or maybe even flashing. Something construction-ish. But I LOVE using it with alcohol inks. I picked a few spring-y looking colors this time. I've used an embossing punch to make leaves with the foil tape before, but it's pretty hard to clean the goo out of the inside of a punch, so I decided this time I'd go with Nesties and Framelits. The silver Framelits are from the Stampin' Up! Holiday Ornaments set. I don't remember the name of the Nesties flowers and leaves. Sorry. And the last shape is just a plain old Nestabilities oval.

I used a felt applicator to ink the tape with some bright pink, teal, and blue before cutting any shapes.

As it turns out, I couldn't use the two larger flowers. They were too big for the tape. But I could certainly see a larger flower hanging over the edge of a card or mat the same way an image does when you stamp off the edge. 
I thought the flowers seemed a bit blah, so that's when I got out the embossing folders. 

I cut an oval of each color and several of the light bulb-shaped ornaments and embossed them all with a different folder. I'll come back another day and finish up with those. First I'm getting back to the flowers....

The embossing shows up much better if you give it a light sanding. You can see the difference on the finished card.
I embossed the front of a blue card with the same paisley folder that I used for the flowers. Then I cut an oval from a piece of orchid cardstock and tied a piece of lace around it. The sentiment is the SU! Just Thinking stamp, run through the Cuttlebug with a Window Frames Framelit. The stamp and the dies are also from my New Supplies Challenge. WooHoo!
I wanted the flowers to stand up a bit, so I cut two matching flowers from scrap cardstock and adhered my foil flowers to them. One of the great things about using the foil tape is that it serves as its own adhesive! The leaves are adhered directly to the mat and the card, but the sentiment and flowers got some dimensional adhesive so they didn't get lost in the lace. 

There you have it! I ended up using more of my new supplies than I thought I would! Have you used any of your stock pile--I mean new supplies--lately? I'd love to see what you've created!

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Friday, March 1, 2013

Free March 2013 Calendar

OK. Technically, I'm not late. It's still March 1st. But this is going to be an extremely quick post! Feel free to load this calendar onto your iWhatever or desktop. If you need help, follow the instructions HERE. Or if you would like to know how to use Coolibah to make a calendar that suits your own tastes, follow the instructions in THIS post. 
You are welcome to use the days and dates below if you make your own.

That's it for now! I told you it would be quick ;)

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