Monday, October 15, 2012

Introducing the New Baby!

I admit it. I am neglectful. It has been over two weeks since my last post. I'm sorry my dear little blog. I've been so busy trying to take care of your new sibling that I haven't spent the time with you that you truly deserve. 

Don't worry folks! I'm almost 48 years old with two boys, 23 and 20, and there are no living breathing siblings on the horizon. However, I DO have a "new baby" here in www land. I opened an Etsy shop! 
I know.... One would think that working with the marching band, serving on the school board, keeping up with the booth at Uncle Doc's, and tending to this blog, along with all the extra odds and ends I find myself doing would be enough. *big eye roll* I have known for a while that an Ebay or Etsy store would be the best way for me to sell some of the things I love to make, but I just never took the leap. 

A couple of weeks ago I sent a Manilla Envelope Mini Album and a Wedding Mini Album to my sister in law, Amy, who lives in Los Angeles. She called to tell me that several people saw the albums and wanted to know how they could order from me! Eeek! So I hurriedly studied the pros and cons of Ebay and Etsy and decided that Etsy sounded like a better fit for me. Now, not only can I take orders, I can take payment with a credit card! (Insert "oohs" and "aahs" here!) 

There's a lot to absorb and it's a bit overwhelming, but I am officially an online seller! As of this moment, I only have two items in my store, but I have pictures ready to post for several others. I will have mini albums, wedding invitations, hand-crafted cards and stationery, and maybe eventually some pre-made scrapbook pages. If you would like to pop over and check it out, my address is I still need to set up some areas of my shop, like the "policies" and "about" pages, but I figure that can wait until marching season ends next Saturday.

I tried something else new last night. I joined a Linky Party! Sounds fun, right? I've seen them before and never played along, but this one was on a blog that I really like called Heartwarming Vintage. I posted a picture of a card I made using some of their stamps. Now when someone looks at my card they will be directed to my blog. I'm linked to that blog. Clever, huh?

Ok. Time for me to get back to other things. I'm going to put some more items in my shop and make something cool to share with you. Hopefully I'll be back VERY soon! 

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!

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