Saturday, May 31, 2014

Free June Calendar and Desktop

Ok, folks! It's time to update your calendar and make your iWhatever happy! Yes, this calendar works on other devices, too--I just like to use the term iWhatever. 

You can save this to your smartphone, reasonably intelligent phone, iPod, iPad, tablet, laptop, desktop, Mac or pc--I don't discriminate. Just save it the same way you would save any picture then choose it as your background or wallpaper. Easy peasy! I like to use it on my lockscreens, so when I need to get a quick peek at a calendar, I just click one button and there it is!

If you need open space for icons around the edges of your desktop, you will probably like this version, with the smaller calendar in the center:

Perhaps you want to design your own calendar. You can find days and dates with an internet search, or if you like my chalkboard-ish one, here you go....

Now, does everyone have a happy iWhatever? Great! Have a wonderful June!
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Sunday, May 11, 2014

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day! I hope everyone is having a wonderful day, doing exactly what you want today. I am, at this moment, on my way to a special Mother's Day brunch at the very trendy restaurant where my younger son works. My mom has never been there and Andy's mom has only been once, so our gift to our mothers this year is the experience. I like those kinds of gifts--doing something fun and spending time together. 
If you need a last minute card to send someone, this is one you can email. Just right click on it to save it to your computer, then send it like any photo. 
I embossed the front of the card and highlighted the embossing with a little ink. Then I layered a doily and an image from Crafty Secrets. It is from a set of bobbin cards that are part of all their sewing images. I printed the one I wanted to use, stamped the sentiment in the center, tied some seam binding ribbon around it, and layered it on top of a doily. Easy peasy! 
If I get home in time I will add this to the Linky Party over at Heartwarming Vintage.

*A few hours later....*

OK--I'm home, so this is going to the Linky Party.
I just had to come back to tell you that the brunch at Touch was spectacular! I even ate a little seafood! Michael has talked about how delicious their smoked salmon is, so I tried it. I can't say I could survive on that alone, but it was pretty tasty! I also had a lobster ravioli. I do not do seafood. Ever. Because fish sticks and canned tuna aren't really seafood, right? So this is a BIG DEAL, people! Anyway, I think everyone enjoyed themselves and ate waaay too much!

Once again--Happy Mother's Day!
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Friday, May 2, 2014

Free May Calendar and Desktop

Dang! I guess I wasn't paying attention, because Wednesday night I suddenly realized it was time for a new calendar and I didn't have time to get to it until Thursday night. So I'm a day late. I hope that didn't throw anyone off!

I may have missed May Day, but today is pretty important, too. My parents were married fifty years ago today. Yes, FIFTY! 

So...Happy Anniversary Mom & Dad! 

Now, back to the task at hand.... Just click on the calendar above to save it to your iWhatever or other device. If you need more detailed instructions, click here.

If you would like a calendar on your computer desktop, I've got one of those, too. My own desktop is pretty much covered with icons--mine on one side, Andy's on one side, the boys' along the bottom--so I put a small version of the calendar in the middle of a very simple background. Like this:

And last, but not least, if you would like to make your own calendar, feel free to use my days and dates:

Ok--I have forty-eleven things (our middle school/jr high band director used to say that all the time!) on my list for today, including de-skunking a dog, so I am outta here!
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