Sunday, July 29, 2012

Free August Calendar

Can you believe July is almost over?! Never fear! I will help you prepare for August.

This month we have for your consideration an award-winning calendar! (This is where you say, "Ooooh!" and "Aaaaah!") Remember when I told you that I was entering some scrapbook pages at the fair? Well, I entered six 12x12 pages, three computer items, and a wedding invitation. I promise to show you the 12x12's, but I don't have great pics of them and they're at the fair for another week, so when I get them back, I'll have a show and tell. 
I can, however, show you the other items. There was a category in the computer art division for calendars and this one earned a lovely red ribbon for second place. 
The business cards I made for myself also earned a red ribbon in the computer art division....

I used Coolibah and my iPad, of course. It's so easy that it makes it feel a little like cheating!

Last, but most certainly not least, the page I made (with Coolibah) using photos of both of my grandfathers in their WWII uniforms won a blue ribbon in the scrapbooking category of computer art. I'm certain the subject matter was what did it!

Aren't they two of the most dashing devils? They both have their hats at that cocky angle in almost every picture from their younger days!

There is a cardmaking division, too, so I entered one of the wedding invitations I've made in the category for "other occasions." (That pretty much means it's not a birthday or holiday card.) It earned TWO ribbons! A blue for first in its category, and a purple Champion ribbon for the whole division. They liked it better than any other card there! 

Enough of that! If you need help loading the calendar to your computer or iWhatever, click HERE and follow the instructions. Or if you'd like to make your own calendar using Coolibah, go HERE to learn how.
I have another long week of all day band, so I'm turning in now. 
Thanks for stopping by! See you next time!

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