Sunday, July 8, 2012

Love at First Sight

I fell in love with the Stampin Up! Doily die when I first saw it several months ago, so of course, I ordered it.  I imagined using it to make wedding invitations, matching the doily to the bride's color scheme. I imagined using colored tissue paper, vellum, parchment, and any number of options. Unfortunately, the die did not work with my Cuttlebug. I used every possible combination of papers, plates and shims (and even some that probably are NOT possible), but to no avail. Bummer. 
But I do not give up that easily! When it was my turn to be the hostess for our monthly stamp club, I put my "earnings" toward the purchase of a BigShot. No, I did not buy a BigShot just because of one die! My Cuttlebug is probably the most-used of all my tools and I'm sure that someday it will tire of my demands, make a horrible groaning sound, and cease to work. I don't want to be caught unprepared. Now I have a replacement. Just in case.  
Now I can cut doilies, but I don't see myself using them for wedding invitations. (Unless it's a very small guest list!) Every single cut had to be poked out. Ugh. I need to play around with some different papers and see if I can find something that works better than lightweight cardstock. In the meantime, this doily works very nicely for a card front!

I made the background with a 4x5 inch piece of cardstock, scored both ways in one inch intervals. 

Then I used Baja Breeze to stamp the paisley background. The pattern doesn't get down into the scored grooves, so it looks kind of like tiles. That's something I've had on my "Things-to-Try" list for a while. I like it enough that I'm sure I'll have to try it again. 

To adhere the doily, I ran a single line of adhesive where I knew it would be covered by the ribbon. Then I layered the doily and the ribbon, stamped and punched out "Happy Birthday," and put everything on a pink mat. Oh, and I used a new tool to ink around the edge of that punched label--my index finger! Yep! It worked pretty well. You know the ink ends up all over your fingers anyway. 
Here's another look:

Very girlie, isn't it? I just love that pleated ribbon.
I am turning in early tonight. The hubby and I have been working on a BIG project for the last few days and I am wiped out! I think I'll be able to share some pics with you, but it will be the end of the 
month before the surprise is revealed and I can get the OK.
Thanks for stopping by! See you next time!

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