Sunday, July 15, 2012

More Awesome Paisley Stenciled Tables.

While surfing for inspiration (browsing blogs and other websites) a few weeks ago, I happened upon a blog called Domestic Imperfection and some pictures of a table with a paisley design stenciled across the top. You can see Ashley's post HERE. Go ahead and look. I'll wait....
Isn't that just beautiful?!
A few days later I was at Uncle Doc's, the flea market where Mom and I share a booth, when I spotted two plain little end tables that Doc had purchased just a few minutes before I walked in. 

They were practically screaming my name! I made a deal with Doc: If he would trust me with those two tables, I would take them home and do my thing, and when he got them back he could put a better price on them. (I was just dying to stencil paisleys on something and they were perfect!) Doc agreed, thinking I had more than one screw loose, and helped me carry the tables to my car. 
I sanded the tops a bit, glued some loose joints, and tightened some screws (on the tables-not in my head!). Then the stencils I had ordered from Cutting Edge Stencils arrived and the real fun began. 
 I taped the stencil in place with blue painters' tape and used a four inch foam roller to apply creamy white acrylic paint. The stencil pattern is almost two feet square, so that part was done in no time! After the acrylic paint dried I gave them a light sanding and, using a foam roller again, rolled on a couple layers of Minwax Polyshades, which is a stain and polyurethane combination. You could use straight polyurethane, but I wanted to tone down the contrast a little. (Besides--Ashley used stain over the paint on her table. If I'm going to use someone else's idea I should do it correctly, right?) I painted the skirt of the tables and the legs with a white latex paint then brushed some of the Polyshades over those areas as well, purposely leaving it a little streaky and toning down the contrast again. Finally, I replaced the knobs on the drawers. One was pretty wonky anyway, and I found some that looked like crazed ceramic at Hobby Lobby (for half price, of course!) They are perfect! Here are some after photos: 

I am happy to say that Doc was very pleased with the way they turned out. I am too! I have an old footlocker I'd like to doll up a bit next, so I'll let you know how that goes. 
Before I can jump into that, however, I have a bass drum table/light to show you and a few scrapbooking projects to take to the fair. Yes, the fair. Stop laughing.
I'll be spending a big chunk of the next three weeks with the color guard girls, learning drill for the upcoming marching season. Geez. Guess I better go get some laundry done! 
Thanks for stopping by! See you next time! 

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