Friday, May 25, 2012

Project Grad Recovery

Graduation was last Sunday. I always get more emotional with other peoples' kids than I did with my own. I guess because I know I will still see mine, but after they graduate, I probably won't see these other kids that I've grown so close to. For example, Kara, in the above photo, was my preschool student fifteen years ago, then ten years later tried out for Color Guard. She and Nikki marched with the guard for five years (even as eighth graders!) Kara asked me to make her graduation announcements, and now she and Nikki are leaving me!
At least I got to spend some time with several of the girls at Project Graduation. Each year for the past five years I've put together six inch mini albums and kits with paper and embellishments for anyone who wanted to make one. Project Grad pays for the supplies and my gas to get to the event (it's about 45 minutes away).  

Our school mascot is a Houn Dawg, and there are no scrapbooking papers or embellishments in existence with a dog that looks like ours or that uses the "correct" spelling. So I make them myself. I use my Silhouette to make a diecut of the school logo. Here it is cut from black paper, adhered to white on the back of Michael's book from last year:

I make "Sr 2012" and "Prom" diecuts and let the girls punch their own stars, swirls, and paw prints.
There's also a paper that says Houn Dawg all over it and each class gets a paper with every graduate's name listed. 
The thing they seem to love the most is the doodle page. I change it up a little every year, so each class gets a unique page, but I don't have to start from scratch. Instead of using the same lightweight white cardstock that I use for the names and the Houn Dawg paper,  I use lined notebook paper for the doodle page. That makes it look like each sheet is drawn by hand. 

Several girls from Color Guard were signed up to make an album, so I added the words to the school song around the edge for them. (I insist they learn the words so they can sing along while the band plays the school song and the National Anthem.)

Twenty young ladies signed up, and I think we had fourteen at the tables. Two of the others (Nikki and Calli) came to my house to make theirs so they could try to play poker, and Calli made an extra to give to her friend who didn't get signed up. We even had some boys sign up. Ok--I just put their names on the list so their mothers could have kits. They helped me keep up with the girls and took their kits to finish at home. 
I think all the girls had a good time even though they were exhaused. They look pretty happy in the pictures: 

So.... That's what Project Grad looks like to me. I think I've finally caught up from staying up all night! I hope they ask me back next year! 
That's it for now. I won't be able to post next week, but I'll come up with a new calendar and some new ideas and be ready to go in June!
Thanks for stopping by! See you next month!

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