Friday, April 6, 2012

From Preschool to Graduation

In my second year teaching preschool at Honeytree I had a little girl named Kara in my three year old class. Kara's older sister joined the color guard when she got to high school, and Kara followed in Samantha's footsteps, joining the color guard in eighth grade and marching through to her final season last fall. Kara will graduate from high school in May. Wow. She's not the first preschooler I've had cross the stage, but she's the first one that I had in color guard for five years. 
Kara wanted some special announcements for graduation, and picked this very cool red mirror cardstock and black glitter carstock. Since we are the Houn Dawgs she wanted a pawprint, so I suggested punching one out of the pearlized white paper so the black glitter would show through. Then instead of adhering the sides of the pocket, I tied it shut with silver embroidery floss. The card with the actual announcement printed on it pulls out to reveal Kara's name on the bottom. I printed a frame around her name to make it look like the name cards that go in announcements. Adhered to the back piece of the pocket (behind the card) is the class song, motto, flower, and colors. 

Yes, that's my camera reflected below the string. 
I wish I had thought of this when my boys were seniors! It's a pretty simple design, but the papers really make it pop. 
One more nifty little tidbit--since I was re-elected to the school board earlier this week, I will get to hand Kara's diploma to her on May 20th! Do you think I'll cry?
Thanks for stopping by! Have a wonderful Easter and I'll see you next week!

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