Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Happy May Day! (and a Free Calendar!)

Oh My! It's already May! Wow! The good thing for me is I don't have to think about what to make for today's post. teehee. Last month I said I might make a no-frills calendar that you can download if you want to decorate your own. I made one in landscape form, one in portrait, and one with a different font. So the choice is yours. And if you aren't ready to decorate your own, you can always download the one above. It's nowhere near what I pictured. I made a page for a scrapbook calendar a few years ago that was cream and black with a page of handwriting for the background, butterflies for embellishments, and shimmery black cardstock mats for the photos. For some reason that just felt like May to me. I guess the butterflies, the vintage feel of the colors, and the handwriting seemed to go with Mother's Day. That's where I was headed when I opened the Coolibah app on my iPad, but I sure didn't get there! This one still manages to feel like May. I have flowers and ribbons for May Baskets (does anyone else remember delivering May Baskets?) and some of the flowers are even crocheted, tying into Mother's Day. Don't all mothers and grandmothers crochet?

Coolibah has the Pristina font, so I made a couple with that....

If you use one of these you wll be able to type "May" in the app using the same font.

Since I was going for the antique-ish look, I also made one using a font called Porcelain. Coolibah doesn't have that font, so I made a big label with "May 2012." The 2012 was too much on mine, so I cropped it out. 

For a quick lesson on using Coolibah to create your own calendar page with one of these blank calendars, click here. You won't have to Google "free printable May 2012 calendar" because you already know where this one is. You will, however, save it the same way and everything else will work the same.

If you're not comfortable with that yet, you can learn how to save my calendar to your iWhatever by clicking here. iWhatever. Good one, right?!

If you have any problems, leave a comment and I'll see if I can clarify. I'm always afraid that my instructions are terribly confusing, but I think as long as I'm able to type them and edit as I go I do OK. It's just when I try to speak that my brain jumps ahead and  I'm the one that ends up confused!

Thanks for stopping by! See you Friday!

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