Sunday, April 7, 2013


Have you ever started out with an idea for something that sounds SOOOOO simple, but it turns into one mess after another? That could be the title for this post, but it would probably be too long and I would cause Blogger to crash! 

I had projects like that back when we used to sew some of our own clothing because you could buy the fabric and make an item yourself for less than you could buy it pre-made. I would make a bad seam, or put the wrong sides together instead of the right sides, so I would rip out that seam and re-do it. Then I would have a big wrinkle in the middle of my seam, so I would rip it out again and re-re-do it. Then I would--you see where I'm going. By the time I sewed the same sleeve in three or four times (sleeves and zippers were the WORST!), I knew I would never wear that particular article of clothing if I lived to be 120 years old.

When I came up with the idea for this card, I thought, "This is going to be the quickest and easiest card ever!" My plan was to print a bobbin card that I downloaded from Crafty Secrets, tie a ribbon on it, maybe add a button, and adhere it to a card. You can see the bobbin cards and lots of other sewing themed items HERE

I opened the bobbin card in Picassa, a free editing program, and typed "Thinking of You" in the oval in the center. Then I printed it (and ran out of ink!) and cut it out. That's when I realized how spoiled I have become with all my dies. I tied a piece of seam binding tape around the bottom and added a cute flower button. But when I tried to adhere it to a card, it just didn't work. It needed something. So I decided to add a mat behind the bobbin card. Then I spent ten minutes digging through my dies to find one that would work. But alas, I was in store for more fussy-cutting. (Val, this one's for you!)

Even that mat wasn't enough--it still needed more. So I printed a blue polka dot paper that came in a Valentine kit from Crafty Secrets to use as a mat behind the red, then one more layer of red behind that. I love the color combination of anything-close-to-Baja Breeze and just-about-any-shade-of-red. Especially if polka dots are included. I don't understand it, either.... 

Apparently my computer was not in the mood for so many digital images, because as I started to work on these photos, the computer started to throw a fit. Who said it was ok to update in the middle of my photo editing?!

All's well that ends well. I have a lovely card for a dear friend, a new blog post after only a week, and an entry for the Crafty Secrets Linky Party! Click over and check it out! Hopefully I'll be able to make my link with no problems....

Thanks for stopping by! See you next time!


  1. Super pretty card Michele! The matting really adds a nice pop of color and it's great you listed what program you used to add the text as many people are looking for free programs and Picassa works great. Thanks for sharing and posting this in our April Linky Party


  2. This is beautiful!!! Thanks so much for playing along with us!