Friday, January 25, 2013

Free Bright & Cheery February Calendar

What?! But it's only the 25th of January! I know, I know.... I won't have access to my desktop computer for a few days and I don't want you to be without your pretty, perky, playful calendar. So here you go! 
I apologize for being stuck on the same basic color scheme as one of the December calendars, but it's that ribbon! And it's winter, so a little extra burst of high-energy, happy colors couldn't hurt.

Feel free to download this calendar to your iWhatever or desktop. HERE are step-by-step instructions if you've never done that before. If you would like to use your free Coolibah app to make a calendar of your own design, you can find those instructions HERE

The days and dates on my calendar are in a font called Crushed Out Girl. I thought it had the same playful feel as the rest of the page. Here is a copy that you can use if you are creating your own calendar.

Sorry to post and run, but I have a ton of things to do before tomorrow morning! Have a great week!

Thanks for stopping by! See you next time!

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