Sunday, January 13, 2013


Surprise! I'm back already! 
Just a quickie though. I wanted to submit this cute card to a Linky Party over at Crafty Secrets. They have a blog at that I like to visit for inspiration. I ordered several postcard kits from their online store a couple of months ago, and the image of the little girls was included in one called Best Buds.

This card was really easy to put together. The base of the card uses a very simple trick that produces great results. I just ran a single layer of Bazzill Bling Bankroll cardstock through the BigShot with a Nesties Grand Labels Four, about 4.5 x 7 inches, to get the top layer of green. (Yes, some of the Nesties Grand dies will fit through a BigShot! Just check the measurements before you buy.) Then I cut a piece of plain green cardstock to 9x7--the shimmer of the Bling won't show on this piece-- folded it in half to 4.5x7, and ran it through using the same die. But this time I lined everything up so that  the fold stayed intact.

See how there is just a tiny gap between the edge of the fold and the die? When you run that through your die cutter, you end up with this:

The top edge is straight right now, but that's why we cut the Bling, too. We'll come back to that in just a second.

I folded some pleats into the middle of a doily to make it more oval than round.

Then I lined up the bottom and sides of the green pieces and adhered the Bling to the base, layered the doily on top, and added the little girls with a nice little bow. Quick and easy!

I'll stay out of your mailbox for a few days now.
Thanks for stopping by! See you next time!


  1. Hi Michele, love this pretty card you made with our Best Buds Postcard kit and it's so funny that I just did a big post on these today on our blog as we are doing a Giveaway for 6 sets we have on special as the chipboard is out of stock now. Your card is a wonderful example of what you can create! Thanks for sharing and posting this in our January Linky Party!

    Sandy Redburn

  2. Thanks, Sandy! I saw your special and have my wish list prepared. I love those postcard kits!

  3. Thanks, Rea! Congratulations on winning! I'm definitely jealous!