Monday, June 24, 2013

"Wedding March-ing"

Andy and I went to a lovely wedding Saturday evening. I NEVER used to cry or even get the least bit misty at weddings, but now that I'm seeing the "kids" that grew up with my boys going down the aisle, I can't keep the tears away! And I turn into a sniveling mess when one of them has a baby!
I got to know the bride, Becca, when she served as the drum major for our marching band. I'm sure for some of you that conjures images of a girl in a knee-length pleated skirt with a baton. Others might picture someone standing on a podium simply keeping time. But when you commit to being drum major for the Aurora Houn Dawg Marching Band (NOT the Aurora "Marching Houn Dawg" Band--take a moment to picture the difference) you take on a huge responsibility. We have a long-lived and very impressive reputation around the state, and the drum majors are the student leaders who help keep that reputation alive. They lead both on the field and off, setting a strong example for other band members with their work ethic and dedication. When the band takes the field, the drum majors do not simply keep time. They take charge and they conduct. These students know the music inside and out, forwards and backwards, and they almost always win the Best Drum Major awards at the competitions the band travels to each fall. Becca was very young when she stepped into the role--I think she was a freshman, possibly a sophomore--but "she wore the uniform," if you know what I mean. Having been unbearably shy until my senior year, I was impressed that an underclassman was able to carry herself with such confidence and poise.

Fast forward a few years and guess who Becca called about invitations when she started planning her wedding.... Yep, ME!

Becca wanted a casual country wedding using sunflowers and mason jars in some of the decorating, so I came up with this design for her invitations...

The card on the left is a thank you note. We decided to go with a monogram on half of the note cards and "Thank You" on the other half. That way, any left over cards can be used for any occasion. The card with the wording pulls out of the pocket and the RSVP and other information are tucked behind it.

We were able to work the mason jars into the Save the Date cards:

That is a piece of vellum that I ran through the printer then through the BigShot with a mason jar die. It really popped when I inked around the bottom and the shoulders of the jar. The "zinc" lid is a piece of silver metallic cardstock, also inked to bring out the lines, and that's a Top Note die behind the jar.

That's it for today! I have to get back to learning how to address envelopes using Excel. I don't enjoy using Excel or Word nearly as much as, say, Photoshop or Coolibah! 
Go figure!

Thanks for stopping by! See you next time!

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