Friday, May 31, 2013

Free June Desktop and (Masculine) iWhatever Calendar

Wow! What a busy month May has been! Time to slow down and enjoy some warm summer days. 
It's also time for a new calendar for your iWhatever!

I forced myself to go flower-free in honor of Father's Day (and my dad's birthday on the fourth!) Not that men don't like flowers, but I have been a little heavy on the pink & girly the past couple months. Totally flowerless is a whole lot harder than it sounds! Compared to my normal frilly, flowery, fru-fru calendars, this one looks a little bare! Never fear--I promise the July calendar will be all girly-girled out! 

If you need a quick reminder of how to save the calendar to you homescreen or lockscreen, click HERE.  Or if you would like to make your own version, click HERE to learn how I make mine on my iPad with Coolibah (my favorite app!) If you make your own, feel free to use this ^ June calendar, or you can do an online search for a free June 2013 calendar. 

 Here is a desktop version. It's a bit less busy, with more open space around the edges so you can more easily see your icons. I'm sure my husband will be very happy to see something besides pink on the computer screen! 
Happy Father's Day, Honey!

 I already have a couple of projects ready to show you, so I won't be gone so long before my next post. Until then, I hope you have some wonderfully warm weather and some time to enjoy it!

Thanks for stopping by! See you next time!

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