Thursday, February 16, 2012

WHAT?! A Clean Work Table? No Way!

What on Earth is going on?! That's MY work table and it looks...CLEAN! (Everything is relative, ok?) 
We went to Mexico for a week--that's why I haven't posted for over two weeks--and when we got back I jumped right into designing some wedding invitations that were dancing around in my head the whole time I was on the beach. After that I couldn't see any of the glass surface on my table. Really. Not a pulgada to be found! (That's Spanish for inch!) Now about 60% of it is cleared of debris. Time to make something!

That cutting board in the middle looks like things I haven't put away yet, but they are items with a purpose.

In the top left corner is a jar of homemade walnut ink. That stuff is so concentrated! I made it a year and a half ago and you can barely tell I've used any. Working clockwise, there's some burlap, muslin, and cheesecloth (left from the wedding invitation experiments), a pad of Stampin' Up! Always Artichoke, green tissue paper, tan tissue paper, a saucer with some sand and seashells straight from Playa del Carmen, a cluster of dried up bean pods from the mimosa tree in my front yard, under the mimosa pods is a dried corn husk (saved from the tamale I had for lunch today), natural and brown hemp, and raffia. I forgot to dig the piece of wood veneer out of my closet for the picture.
You're going to have to come back to see what I'm doing, but Kit, always ready to be my #1 helper, has a hint for you. See it? I'll be back in a few days to show you what I come up with and the poor quality cell phone photo of my inspiration. And most likely the big mess I've made. See you then!

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