Saturday, February 25, 2012

I Know I Said 'See you Friday,' But You'll Have to Talk to the Router

I know that everyone out there in www land was pacing the floor and wringing their hands in anxiety yesterday because I didn't post anything. Nothing to worry about, folks. I'm OK. Our internet router, however, apparently is not. I couldn't get online all day yesterday! *gasp* And I'm only on now because the stupid thing thinks I'm a guest. Ha! (Yes, I am sticking my tongue out at the router right now.)

I managed to keep myself busy all day even without being connected. Mom and I decided to take the leap (really it's more of a baby step) and open a booth in a flea market.

There's an old building here in Aurora that was built as a hotel in the town's early days. It sits directly across the street from the old bank building, and was originally The Bank Hotel. The building now houses                Uncle Doc's Flea Market.

This is what Uncle Doc's looked like in the...30's? 40's?
  Mom and I spent a few hours yesterday arranging some things on the shelves we are renting until Doc has a booth available. Here's how it turned out:

We still have more stuff to put out, but for the time being this will work. Mom had mostly glasswares and I had mostly scrapbooking supplies. Go figure. I admit it--I'm a tool junkie. I always want to try the newest, coolest tools. But there's not a scrapbook store around here that carries a lot of tools. OK, there's not a scrapbook store around here at all. We have Michael's & Hobby Lobby in Springfield (30 miles away), and there is one store that is just scrapbooking stuff, but they are pretty limited to paper & embellishments. I don't want to use embellishments someone else designed. I want to make MY OWN. (Kind of like the whole Mexico book thing....) Does that make me a control freak? Anyway, I buy tools and do just that! Now when I get bored with a tool, I can move it to Doc's and someone else can enjoy it. (I feel like singing the song from Rudolph -- "We're on the Island of Misfit Toys....") Plus whatever I make from selling my unused stuff will buy more new toys! WooHoo! I mean tools. Yeah, tools.) 

I even managed to squeeze some self promotion onto the shelves. I made a flyer with my business card at the top and pics of some of the wedding announcements I've made. I included the blog address at the bottom. 

I've decided that it's time to actively recruit blog followers, so I added the address to the back of my business cards, too. I promised Mom earlier today that one of my upcoming posts will be a step-by-step tutorial on how to become a follower. I know there are millions of you out there who have tried and haven't been able to figure it out, so I'll solve your problem and mine! As soon as I figure it out myself!

Thanks for stopping by! I hope to see you Tuesday--if the router is feeling cooperative. :)

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