Saturday, July 16, 2016

Free July Calendar and Desktop (2nd Try)

I tried to post this on the 12th. I know it was the 12th because the little thingy on the left side (which I can see, but you cannot) tells me so. That's not a whole lot better than the 16th, but at least I know I didn't just imagine making the post. I guess my internet connection was bad or there was some other hang up that caused the upload to fail. So now I'll give it another go! 

This is short and sweet from 7/12:

Oops! I lost track of time. I can't believe we're already halfway through July! I have to get the calendar posted so maybe I can come back in a week or so and show you some pictures of my kitchen that we just finished. You know what to do with this one -- save it as your iWhatever's lockscreen to have quick access to a calendar. 

Here's another version for your desktop. It can also be used on your phone or tablet if the full sized one doesn't fit properly. 

Enjoy the rest of the month! I hope to be back in a few days to share the kitchen pics. See you then!
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