Thursday, January 1, 2015

January iWhatever Calendar and Desktop


I hope everyone had a safe and enjoyable time ringing in 2015 last night!  We were quite the party poopers, welcoming the new year from the sofa while watching "Guardians of the Galaxy." I'll settle for living vicariously this year. Our son Cole is in Auckland, New Zealand, the first major city in the world to welcome 2015. The new year began for them at 5 a.m. Missouri time!

This month's calendar features a section of the quilt my mother-in-law just made for us. I took a picture of it to use as the background. Isn't it beautiful?! The colors are a little off because it was cloudy the day I took the pictures. Of course it was cloudy! I think we had three--seriously, THREE!--sunny days the entire month of December! Anyway--it was cloudy and I just couldn't get enough light in that room, so the center of the quilt looks like a deeper blue than it actually is but the colors around the edges are pretty close to the real thing. The quilt is called "Storm at Sea," which makes sense with all the different shades of blue and the criss-crossing wavy lines. Lori is meticulous with the details on all the quilts she makes and it pays off. Each one is a work of art!

OK. So--here is a background for your desktop with lots of space for all those pesky icons that pile up on you:

And here is one for your phone if the big one up top is too big. Did you try the smaller one in December? How did it work for you? Let me know if I need to tweak anything else. I'll get to it eventually. ;)

If you would like to design your own calendar, here are the days and dates I started with...

...but why go to all that trouble when there are such pretty ones here, just waiting for you to click and save?

That's it for now! I think it's time for a nap. I mean, geez, I did stay up past midnight last night!

Thanks for stopping by!